PANDO: The Party Game that Tests Your Knowledge of Friends and Family, Now Available on Amazon Prime and in Retail Stores Nationwide

[Boise, 12/01/2017] – Roots Family History is excited to announce that their highly anticipated party game, PANDO, is now available for purchase on Amazon Prime and in brick and mortar stores across the country. PANDO is a unique and engaging game that challenges players to discover just how well they truly know their friends and family.

Originally launched on Kickstarter in December 2017, PANDO quickly gained attention and support from game enthusiasts and those seeking a fun and interactive experience that goes beyond surface-level interactions. The game was developed with the goal of fostering genuine human connections and creating memorable moments of laughter and surprise.

“PANDO was a labor of love for us, and we’re thrilled to see it available to a wider audience,” said Thomas Watson, co-founder of PANDO. “We wanted to create a game that encouraged players to dig deeper and truly understand the people in their lives. It’s about discovering new aspects of each other and celebrating the unique quirks and stories that make us who we are.”

PANDO’s gameplay is simple yet captivating. Players take turns drawing cards that contain intriguing questions about their friends and family members. The questions span various topics, from personal preferences and memories to embarrassing moments and hidden talents. The objective is to accurately predict how the person in question would respond, earning points for accurate guesses.

What sets PANDO apart is its questions. The game includes more icebreakers than any other conversation deck on the market. Whether it’s a family gathering, a night with friends, or an icebreaker at a social event, PANDO creates an inclusive and entertaining environment for everyone to participate and enjoy.

“We wanted PANDO to be a game that brings people closer together,” added Thomas, “by playing this game, we hope friends and family will learn surprising details about each other, fostering empathy and strengthening their bond. PANDO celebrates the beauty of knowing and being known.”

PANDO is now readily available for purchase on Amazon Prime, offering convenient access to players worldwide. Additionally, the game can be found in select retail stores across the country, providing an opportunity for customers to experience the game firsthand before making a purchase.

Join the movement towards deeper connections and unforgettable memories. Get your copy of PANDO today from Amazon Prime or your local retail store, and put your knowledge of friends and family to the test.

About Roots Family History: We are a passionate team of game enthusiasts dedicated to creating unique and immersive experiences that strengthen relationships. With a focus on personalization and genuine connection, PANDO Games aims to revolutionize the party game industry by fostering deeper connections and bringing joy to every gathering.

Media Contact: Name: Thomas Watson Title: CEO Email: thomas@playpando.com Phone: 208-513-4419


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