How to Play

Scroll down. My rules don’t (usually) bite.


Give the box to the oldest player, they will be the first reader.

The reader is in the hot seat. Their only job is to read questions and reveal truth.


The youngest player in the room will be the first guesser.

The guesser is the only player who can earn points. They earn one point by correctly answering three questions in a row about the reader. Their turn is over when they miss a question. To keep track of points, simply hand out one card for each point earned.


The reader draws a card and reads a question aloud.

The reader may not skip a card but they may choose to only read one of the questions on each card. The reader continues their turn until a guesser correctly answers 3 questions in a row. NOTE: Readers must decide if an answer is close enough to count as correct and they must reveal the truth when incorrect answers are given.


The guesser tries to earn a point by answering three questions correct in a row.

To keep track of points, hand the guesser one card for every point earned. Remember, a point is only earned upon answering three questions in row correctly. The guesser continues their turn until they miss a question.


Alternate guessers.

Moving clockwise around the room, assign a new guesser each time a question is missed.


Alternate readers.

Moving clockwise around the room, pass the box and assign a new reader each time a point is earned.


The first player with 5 points wins.

Play as many times as you wish or play to a lower or higher number.