Let's talk about me.

The world needed a better party game, so I was invented.

Force your friends to tell the truth as you guess answers to trivia questions about their life. Get 3 questions right in a row to earn a point. Get 5 points and win. It is considered proper to purchase a meal or drink for the game winner.

With almost 1,000 questions, I am the most comprehensive trivia game about your life ever made. I am also handsome and charming . . . and devilishly funny.

Take Me Home
Trivia About All of Us

Test your friends to see how well they actually know you.

I don't contain any dice, pieces, pencils, or scorepads. That's because I am a lounge 'n play game. Gather your humans, hang out anywhere, and play for a while.

You Know You Want Me
I Am Truth Serum
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I Spill Beans
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I Am Safe For Work
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I Am the Life of the Party
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