What is PANDO?

PANDO™ is a new party game designed to fix everything that went wrong in 2020.

The game is simple. Each round, players compete to see who knows the most random facts about the other players.

No pencils, no paper, no scorecards. This is a party. You’re not in first grade.

Ages 14+   |  30 minutes   |  4 to 12 players

We snuck into your bedroom, stole your journal, and made a trivia game about your personal life. 

We still don’t know whether we are criminals or game developers.

That’s why we sheepishly hide behind our computers.


Behold, the all new PANDO™ v1.3:

Trivia Questions About You

This game is perfect!

Emily J RowneyHilarious

I fell in love with my fiance playing this!

JaseSo good!

Best Party Game EVER!

Jeffery C Kleveland10 out of 10

Laughed till it hurt!

Lynn Deakins

Laughed until we cried.


Superficial potty humor jokes.

C. Conkey

What is PANDO™?

PANDO™ is a party game for functioning humans.

It was made for people who are bored of playing party games where you match up cards and laugh at the result.

PANDO™ is simple. Each round, A guesser attempts to answer all 3 questions on a reader’s  PANDO™ card correctly. Being a trivia buff won’t help you, the questions are about the personal life of the reader.